The 30. The 20. The 10. TOUCHDOWN. Having a brother who played football, I learned just how much practice,thought, team work and motivation it took to get that pigskin ball to the endzone. Extensive play books mapping out each persons step to ensure the end result was a positive one. Moms are like football players. We have to make sure kid #1 is at soccer and kid #2 is at dance, grocery shop, menu planning,cooking, cleaning, bills, laundry, phone calls, the list goes on and on! Even if our day isn’t planned in detail on paper using Xs and Os, you better believe that we have a game plan at all times! Football players bang helmets,scream and slap butts to get psyched up for the game… Moms chug their coffee (maybe yell or slap butts if its one of those days) and move on with it! Being a mom that works full time from home WHILE being home with my 3 boys, I have had to iron out my plays a few times. One play that is VITAL is, Nap Time. I have found that this small window is the only time I can power things out without distraction. Thus, Nap Time Blitz! This blog will be my game plan of sorts as I share my thoughts, ideas, pictures, meals and money saving tips. Spread the word, join in the fun and let’s share each others game plans!

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