Dear Husband

Dear Husband,

I see you.

I see you taking 3 work calls before 6am on a rainy Monday, forcing you to rush to work when all you want to do is linger in bed just a little bit longer. The baby who is growing up all too fast is cuddled up on our fluffy bed next to momma, I know it’s hard to leave. We wish you could linger too but every day you leave for work, feelings of pride fill me. I’m so proud of you.

I see you.

I see you feeling like less of a man because your income alone is not enough. Feeling like your family needs or deserves a lavish lifestyle. I need you to know that the kids & I are happy, we want for nothing. Our love for you goes beyond designer hand bags and jet skis. I promise you, hugs & memories feel just as good in Walmart’s clothing.

I see you.

I see you feeling as if you are failing everyone. Failing me, failing the kids, failing your boss, failing your staff, failing your friends, failing God. However, if given a chance, I know that everyone would assure you that you are enough. YOU ARE ENOUGH. You try hard to meet our needs and it shows, we see you. We appreciate you.

I see you.

I see you struggling to find a balance. You juggle many things at once, never feeling as if you give enough attention to any specific thing. Wanting to get house projects done but also wanting down time. Wanting to get caught up on work but also wanting to be home.  Our house will get there, there will always be work projects to do. Make sure you take time to play video games or shoot some hoops. Your wants and desires matter too!!

I see you.

I see you checking out this flabby mommy body as if it was the slim spring chicken bod you met in high school. While it drives me nuts most days, I secretly love the butt slaps and stupid comments you make. It reassures me that despite my less than ideal appearance, you still desire me. Through words & actions, you are teaching your boys how to build their wife up when they need it most. Our 4yr old frequently tells me how beautiful my eyelashes/shirt/hair/heart is , he learned that from you. You’ll never know how much all of this is needed to combat the nasty internal thoughts of my worth.

I see you.

I see you watching my Instagram stories so that you feel like you don’t miss out on so much. The fact that you have to watch your baby crawl for the first time, watch me take our kids bowling for the day or go on other adventures has to be hard. I hope that my stories of unending laundry, fights and the boys having light saber battles using their pee helps soften the blow. I’m sorry you miss out but at eternally grateful that you sacrifice so much so that I don’t have too.

I see you.

I see you come home exhausted after a long day. When you walk in on the phone, with a clip board or at 11pm, we know you had a hard day. I watch as you attempt to disconnect from work for a bit to spend some time with us. What you don’t see is the count down we have everyday to when daddy gets home. When you walk in the door and everyone yells “DADDY” , you should feel like a celebrity. We don’t count down because momma needs to tap out or the boys need you to fix something electronic wise, we count down because we can’t wait to be with YOU. You are loved and valued.

You are an amazing man. Who does an amazing job. I am proud of you. Please know this.


Your Favorite Wife

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