Enough Comparisson

I’ve had enough.

I am over the feeling of being inadequate.
I am over the feeling of not being like Sally Jones.

I am sick of looking at how she dresses and feeling like I am dressed like I threw on a garbage bag.
I am sick of looking down at my wedding ring that I love and feel like I look poor because my ring is smaller than hers.
I am sick of struggling when making food for the kids that isn’t 100% organic paleo.
I am sick of feeling like I don’t measure up to her parenting skills.


You know what, I try hard.
I work hard.
I do a lot.
While I don’t do it perfectly, I homeschool, work a very weird FT job, have my kids every day but a few hours on Thursdays, I shuttle them to piano/Swimming/Royal Rangers, they are dressed (usually in something I swore I would never let them wear), they eat food (sometimes its literally GMO,food colored, gluten), you can see 60% of my carpet and we are all still alive.

Without settling for a place of complacency and refusing to better myself, I am done trying to measure up.
I am who I am.
It is what it is.
I do what I gotta do.

I want to be a good wife and mom FOR MY FAMILY.  Things and appearances will not enhance that. My kids are not going to look back and be like “my mom was awesome because she had a big wedding ring or was dressed to the 9’s all the time”.

If it isn’t a passion of mine or something I feel convicted about, I am not going to kill myself to try to achieve it, or for not trying either.

Self development, education and practice is important but we can’t do it all. Do what you are passionate about. Do what you are feeling drawn too. Do what you are being convicted about. Who cares what Sally does, I am sure she feels the same pressure.




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