The Day I Quit Facebook

If I see one more picture of a baby loosing their life to childhood cancer.

If I see one more picture of the havoc being wreaked on families in different countries.

If I see one more post about uninformed political rants.

If I see one more thing about abortions or sex trafficking.

Facebook suddenly went from a place to connect, seek advice and show pictures of your kiddos to a negative nancy movement. Now, I am in no way discrediting the fact that the things being displayed are a harsh reality that people are dying (or stupid). I just can’t take having that be all I see.

I recently have found myself entering a state of (circumstantial) depression as my world has just been a lot. Signing on to FB has been an escape for me to mindlessly scroll through the pics and posts of friends… but, now its too much. I would find myself crying so hard I can’t breath or ridiculously angry instead of refreshed.

That is when I decided I needed to deactivate. I needed to take a step back and focus my time on things that didn’t make me upset. It was super painful to hit deactivate. It felt like I was hitting “save” on “deactivate the itty bitty social life you have”. I actually attempted to disconnect about a month ago by deleting FB app on my phone… well, the browser is still right there so it didn’t help.

The next day, you guys this is sick, I habitually opened the Crome Browser in order to look at FB at least 40 times. 40 TIMES NO LIE! Day 2 was a fraction of that and it FEELS SO GOOD.

If this will be the end of my FB life, I am unsure of. However, for now, this is my life. IG and Snap Chat- just beautiful pics and funny snaps to fill my life with smiles or motivation.

If it wasn’t for GPS- I’d strongly consider getting a dumb phone. Well, that and my kids only record of their life is on IG….




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