Whole 30, OH MY!

My relationship with food is undoubtedly MESSED up. During my relationship with weight loss and food, I’ve discovered that at this time I can’t continue with Medifast. Same tune, different verse… I am too sensitive to gluten, dairy and soy to handle to food any longer. While they have some options that don’t have one of those ingredients, there are currently none without all . I am sick of having gut rot, acne, headaches, nausea, painful joints, bowel issues, runny nose… anyone that has food sensitivities knows what I mean.

As I fight to convince myself to stay on plan, I start to evaluate my WHY. WHY do I NEED to stay on Medifast? Well, in asking myself that question I soon realized that the fact that its the only plan I’ve used that successfully helped me loose a significant amount of weight I created a thinking pattern that has me convinced I can only loose weight on Medifast. Medifast or nothing is basically how I feel. Loosing weight or being fat.

Yea, those aren’t the only two options and that thought pattern goes to show just how crazy messed up I am. Once again, another blog post for another time.

Prior to struggling with my internal fat girl issues, I had started researching Whole 30 a bit more in depth as something I was going to have my boys and hubs do. You see, all 3 of my kids have food sensitivities as well

Jayden- Corn, Citrus, Gluten and Dairy
Josiah- Kiwi, Pineapple,  Gluten and Dairy
Judsen- Fish, Corn and Gluten
Me- Soy, Dairy, Gluten and some veggies

Some are actually diagnosed, others are just from visual or reported reactions to foods more than one isolated time.

As much is it is going to KILL my family that we are cutting out CHEESE and BREAD, I am SO excited for us to all collectively feel better.

My bank account is NOT on board so that will be the hardest part… figuring out how to navigate this and our budget at the same time. I don’t like to spend more than $100 a week for our family of 5, 3 meals + snack a day… my boys can EAT. I am working at starting a 2nd YouTube channel to share my fails/wins/budget advice/recipes/updates on since there are a TON of whole 30 videos but few family related ones… Like great $150 W30 grocery hall got me so excited only to find it was for 2 adults… I basically feed 4.5 adults…

Have you do the Whole 30? I’d love any advice you can give me!


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