Horribly Boring

Long long time no post.

I feel like every single post I make starts with a “sorry I haven’t posted in forever but I’ll be better…” so today, I am hear to sign a different tune.

I most definitely can’t promise that i’ll post again in the next 6 months or ever again for that matter. I also can’t promise that anything I have to say will be remotely interesting.

You see, I have a pretty boring life on paper (and camera) but its hecka busy in real life. 40+ hour work weeks, 3 kids (one super duper clingy- ps did I tell you I had a 3rd? 3/5/15… he is a spunky, clingy, needy, sassy love), a husband, dog, a couple friends , book clubs/church groups etc.

I am on the mom and working woman grind, pretty hard. Besides the thoughts rumbling around in my head while running kids to school and making dinner, I don’t have much to say other than “I am so tired, so blessed and so happy with the cards that I have been dealt.”

I really want to start to try to type these thoughts out on here as a journal of sorts, more for me to practice “voicing” myself in verbage that may or may not include Daniel Tiger songs ( too bad you can’t watch that on Netflix anymore- lame PBS, share!). Because, somewhere between managing Millenials and raising kids I hope are opposite, I’ve stopped exercising semi-intelligent conversations/thought patterns.

I would never say I have “lost” myself in my current life, especially as a negative saying. Because, if being lost meant I got 3 wonderful kids, a pretty decent (not lacking status quo challenges) job and being married to my BFF, then I’d be lost any day!

I recently restarted Take Shape for Life (which I will refer to as Medifast out of habit) and dropped 13lbs in August. I was so far from 100% focused so I could have done much better. It is SO freaking hard to regain focus when you can barely function outside of autopilot. How do you get that added into autopilot? That is another blog for another day… maybe.

Short Version of life update:
– Gained a ton of weight and have a goal to loose 100lbs in a year
– Working a ton
– Have 3 amazing boys, one of which starts 1st grade in 4 days.
– My husband is incredibly giving and supportive. This year was our toughest one but let me tell you, I’m glad we have put in the work to fix us!!!
– We are going to Disney in December !!!





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