Let them be little

I dislike messes.
I dislike not having control.
I dislike things taking a long time.
I dislike sticky.

I love my boys.
I love smiles.
I love excitement.
I love fun.

Tonight was a combo of all of the above.

Tonight we made this


I made the mix, put into bowls, added food coloring. They mixed food coloring in and took turns plopping the individual colors into the pan and swirling it around. They were covered in colorful cake mix. Covered.

After looking at it through the lit glass on our oven door, their cake baby was done baking. There was so much anticipation for it to be done baking that the beep of the timer brought joyous dancing and cheering.

As soon as they discovered we can not, in fact, instantly ice and eat out project there were heaps of tears. The next 45min were painful for all. Them wanting to dig in and me not wanting to hear “is it time yet?” One more time.

When it was time to ice the cake, it seemed like it took 6 hours for them to slather the sea blue, skin dying, substance all over. It took EVERYTHING in me not to take control, whip it out and keep it clean. But I didn’t.

We worked on how to correctly ice. Gently stroking gobs of frosting on the entire surface of the cake as to not bring up chunks of the cake into the frosting. They were so into it, so into learning, so into their project.

Our last and final step was to sprinkle to cake with the fish sprinkles. One little fishy at a time, the school of fish started to grace the surface of the cake. Then, I showed them how to sprinkle it by holding your hand up above the cake, rubbing your thumb over your fingers and watching the sprinkles randomly fall over the cake. Then comes my favorite part, the exaggerated sprinkling. Their little arms up as far as they can reach, shaking their hands in attempt to mimic my motions and HUGE smiles.

They were so proud of their creation. So proud. And I’m so proud of them.
Letting them be little, letting them make messes, letting them have dirty fun. Its something I’m not good at. It is something I need to work on because it is something they love.

I leave you with a finished product pic as I’m off to wash about 10 bowls, 8 spoons and some knifes .


Let your littles be little. Dare you!


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