From Keto to Vegan


I’ve been doing Ketogenic diets on and off for 3 years. In fact, I lost 85lbs on Medifast (low carb ketogenic like diet) prior to my surprise pregnancy. I did SO great during weeks 1-25 of my pregnancy and then LOST CONTROL. I gained about 45lbs during pregnancy and then another 40lbs after I stopped nursing. SO, here I am needing to loose 100lbs.

I went back to Keto diet again and felt so sick. Just like I did when doing Medifast years prior. I was shedding lbs but felt so sick! Constant stomach pain, hair loss, constipation etc.

I decided there had to be better options out there. There had to be. That is when I decided to make a jump into a whole food, plant based, vegan diet. I have never been a huge fan of animal related products so I truly don’t miss much. The best part is that in following High Carb Hannah’s clean & lean plan for 2 weeks (even with eating Vegan Pizza 2 times and not being perfect on my meal plan) I lost 7lbs and ate way more food than I could ever have imagined.

I am a firm believer that no diet is a bad diet. Everyone’s bodies responds to things differently. For me, for now, Keto or Paleo is NOT what my body needs. For you, HCLF may NOT be what your body needs.

I don’t know if I’ll ever be a true Vegan in lifestyle but for now, that is how I am eating and I’ve NEVER felt better!!!

The Day I Quit Facebook

If I see one more picture of a baby loosing their life to childhood cancer.

If I see one more picture of the havoc being wreaked on families in different countries.

If I see one more post about uninformed political rants.

If I see one more thing about abortions or sex trafficking.

Facebook suddenly went from a place to connect, seek advice and show pictures of your kiddos to a negative nancy movement. Now, I am in no way discrediting the fact that the things being displayed are a harsh reality that people are dying (or stupid). I just can’t take having that be all I see.

I recently have found myself entering a state of (circumstantial) depression as my world has just been a lot. Signing on to FB has been an escape for me to mindlessly scroll through the pics and posts of friends… but, now its too much. I would find myself crying so hard I can’t breath or ridiculously angry instead of refreshed.

That is when I decided I needed to deactivate. I needed to take a step back and focus my time on things that didn’t make me upset. It was super painful to hit deactivate. It felt like I was hitting “save” on “deactivate the itty bitty social life you have”. I actually attempted to disconnect about a month ago by deleting FB app on my phone… well, the browser is still right there so it didn’t help.

The next day, you guys this is sick, I habitually opened the Crome Browser in order to look at FB at least 40 times. 40 TIMES NO LIE! Day 2 was a fraction of that and it FEELS SO GOOD.

If this will be the end of my FB life, I am unsure of. However, for now, this is my life. IG and Snap Chat- just beautiful pics and funny snaps to fill my life with smiles or motivation.

If it wasn’t for GPS- I’d strongly consider getting a dumb phone. Well, that and my kids only record of their life is on IG….



Whole 30, OH MY!

My relationship with food is undoubtedly MESSED up. During my relationship with weight loss and food, I’ve discovered that at this time I can’t continue with Medifast. Same tune, different verse… I am too sensitive to gluten, dairy and soy to handle to food any longer. While they have some options that don’t have one of those ingredients, there are currently none without all . I am sick of having gut rot, acne, headaches, nausea, painful joints, bowel issues, runny nose… anyone that has food sensitivities knows what I mean.

As I fight to convince myself to stay on plan, I start to evaluate my WHY. WHY do I NEED to stay on Medifast? Well, in asking myself that question I soon realized that the fact that its the only plan I’ve used that successfully helped me loose a significant amount of weight I created a thinking pattern that has me convinced I can only loose weight on Medifast. Medifast or nothing is basically how I feel. Loosing weight or being fat.

Yea, those aren’t the only two options and that thought pattern goes to show just how crazy messed up I am. Once again, another blog post for another time.

Prior to struggling with my internal fat girl issues, I had started researching Whole 30 a bit more in depth as something I was going to have my boys and hubs do. You see, all 3 of my kids have food sensitivities as well

Jayden- Corn, Citrus, Gluten and Dairy
Josiah- Kiwi, Pineapple,  Gluten and Dairy
Judsen- Fish, Corn and Gluten
Me- Soy, Dairy, Gluten and some veggies

Some are actually diagnosed, others are just from visual or reported reactions to foods more than one isolated time.

As much is it is going to KILL my family that we are cutting out CHEESE and BREAD, I am SO excited for us to all collectively feel better.

My bank account is NOT on board so that will be the hardest part… figuring out how to navigate this and our budget at the same time. I don’t like to spend more than $100 a week for our family of 5, 3 meals + snack a day… my boys can EAT. I am working at starting a 2nd YouTube channel to share my fails/wins/budget advice/recipes/updates on since there are a TON of whole 30 videos but few family related ones… Like great $150 W30 grocery hall got me so excited only to find it was for 2 adults… I basically feed 4.5 adults…

Have you do the Whole 30? I’d love any advice you can give me!

1 am Rain Storms

Here it is, 1 am. Only 4 hours until my alarm will rudely ring alerting me it is time to pull myself together for another 8 hour shift this holiday weekend.

Normal people would be KOed at this point… not me. Nope. I have to have issues sleeping. I blame my husband for going up north with my 3 precious babes, where there is little to no cell service, leaving me alone at home. Not only is the Ninja Turtles menu screen music not playing in the room next to mine but, there is a lack of a warm body next to me. The body that makes me feel comfortable and safe.

The only thing that is normal right now, besides me up watching Netflix at ungodly hours, is the fact that my huge dog is snoring away on the floor squeezed between the wall and my side of the bed. A place she has been since day 1.

Not only am I wide awake, it is storming hard core right now. Storms really aren’t my favorite. Here I am riding out the storm, alone.

It is moments like these that I realize how much I take my husband for granted. I forget how big of a rock he is for me. You know, the way that he puts the boys to bed every night and then checks on them one last time before he goes to bed. The way that before he headed up north, he took my sunglasses and keys out of the looser cruiser and put them in my old lady car without me asking. Or how he is wearing barely intact work boots without complaining so we could get the boys wardrobes updated for the school year and season change.

I lucked out big time!

To say that I show him appreciation, spoil him or build him up would be a lie. I’m honestly a bad wife. I’m snippy, bossy and a control freak. He deserves better. Yet, he sticks around.

We had a rough 2015. Had we both been raised where divorce wasn’t an option, I am pretty sure we would be. Not because we don’t love each other but because marriage is hard and messy. We both had to fight for our marriage, we had to pick ourselves up off the floor as tired and warn out as we were and fight. I am SO glad we did. As cliche as it sounds, we 100% wouldn’t have made it without the Lord, our faith and prayer. Especially since marriage problems are fought in secret.

The bad rain storm going on outside my window will knock some trees down, maybe some power lines. However, it will stop and we can repair everything it ruined in it’s wake. The same goes for seasons of life that are HARD. They are scary and seem like there is no way out BUT, they end and afterwards you can rebuild/repair.

I say all this to give you, to the 3 people reading my blogs, in an effort to give some encouragement to push through. Don’t give up. Anchor down and weather this storm. Trust in the Lord to fill you with grace and mercy.  You are strong enough, you are good enough, you are brave enough. You’ve got this.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” – Matthew 11:28

Now, I’m off to try to sleep- how many days is it acceptable to use dry shampoo in order to get an extra 30 minutes of sleep?

Horribly Boring

Long long time no post.

I feel like every single post I make starts with a “sorry I haven’t posted in forever but I’ll be better…” so today, I am hear to sign a different tune.

I most definitely can’t promise that i’ll post again in the next 6 months or ever again for that matter. I also can’t promise that anything I have to say will be remotely interesting.

You see, I have a pretty boring life on paper (and camera) but its hecka busy in real life. 40+ hour work weeks, 3 kids (one super duper clingy- ps did I tell you I had a 3rd? 3/5/15… he is a spunky, clingy, needy, sassy love), a husband, dog, a couple friends , book clubs/church groups etc.

I am on the mom and working woman grind, pretty hard. Besides the thoughts rumbling around in my head while running kids to school and making dinner, I don’t have much to say other than “I am so tired, so blessed and so happy with the cards that I have been dealt.”

I really want to start to try to type these thoughts out on here as a journal of sorts, more for me to practice “voicing” myself in verbage that may or may not include Daniel Tiger songs ( too bad you can’t watch that on Netflix anymore- lame PBS, share!). Because, somewhere between managing Millenials and raising kids I hope are opposite, I’ve stopped exercising semi-intelligent conversations/thought patterns.

I would never say I have “lost” myself in my current life, especially as a negative saying. Because, if being lost meant I got 3 wonderful kids, a pretty decent (not lacking status quo challenges) job and being married to my BFF, then I’d be lost any day!

I recently restarted Take Shape for Life (which I will refer to as Medifast out of habit) and dropped 13lbs in August. I was so far from 100% focused so I could have done much better. It is SO freaking hard to regain focus when you can barely function outside of autopilot. How do you get that added into autopilot? That is another blog for another day… maybe.

Short Version of life update:
– Gained a ton of weight and have a goal to loose 100lbs in a year
– Working a ton
– Have 3 amazing boys, one of which starts 1st grade in 4 days.
– My husband is incredibly giving and supportive. This year was our toughest one but let me tell you, I’m glad we have put in the work to fix us!!!
– We are going to Disney in December !!!




Let them be little

I dislike messes.
I dislike not having control.
I dislike things taking a long time.
I dislike sticky.

I love my boys.
I love smiles.
I love excitement.
I love fun.

Tonight was a combo of all of the above.

Tonight we made this


I made the mix, put into bowls, added food coloring. They mixed food coloring in and took turns plopping the individual colors into the pan and swirling it around. They were covered in colorful cake mix. Covered.

After looking at it through the lit glass on our oven door, their cake baby was done baking. There was so much anticipation for it to be done baking that the beep of the timer brought joyous dancing and cheering.

As soon as they discovered we can not, in fact, instantly ice and eat out project there were heaps of tears. The next 45min were painful for all. Them wanting to dig in and me not wanting to hear “is it time yet?” One more time.

When it was time to ice the cake, it seemed like it took 6 hours for them to slather the sea blue, skin dying, substance all over. It took EVERYTHING in me not to take control, whip it out and keep it clean. But I didn’t.

We worked on how to correctly ice. Gently stroking gobs of frosting on the entire surface of the cake as to not bring up chunks of the cake into the frosting. They were so into it, so into learning, so into their project.

Our last and final step was to sprinkle to cake with the fish sprinkles. One little fishy at a time, the school of fish started to grace the surface of the cake. Then, I showed them how to sprinkle it by holding your hand up above the cake, rubbing your thumb over your fingers and watching the sprinkles randomly fall over the cake. Then comes my favorite part, the exaggerated sprinkling. Their little arms up as far as they can reach, shaking their hands in attempt to mimic my motions and HUGE smiles.

They were so proud of their creation. So proud. And I’m so proud of them.
Letting them be little, letting them make messes, letting them have dirty fun. Its something I’m not good at. It is something I need to work on because it is something they love.

I leave you with a finished product pic as I’m off to wash about 10 bowls, 8 spoons and some knifes .


Let your littles be little. Dare you!

There is no gun

Recently, there was a post going around on Facebook titled “I pump so other mothers will think I breastfeed”. This post, along with a few other things that have been surfacing lately have left me more than frustrated.


If, in fact, you feel like someone truly is. Get out of that toxic relationship. Because they are far from supportive and far from a true friend. A true friend empathizes with you, offers support where they can and stands behind you in your decisions.

I chose to nurse my 3 kiddos. Let me tell you, it has (and still is) a ROUGH journey that ended sooner than I was ready for. Jayden, due to stressful and odd work situations as well as allergies, I was only able to pump until 6 months before moving to formula. Josiah straight up said “thanks mom, I’ve got it from here” at 10.5 months so to formula he went. Judsen, at 4 months, is still nursing. If you know me personally, you will know that it is by the grace of God we are still nursing. Anything that could go wrong, has gone wrong. BUT I am determined to nurse.

Why am I so determined to nurse? Let me tell you, it isn’t because of media or anyone else telling me that I need to. I want to because feel like it is the best route for MY kids. Did I say your kids? NOPE!  I want to look back and feel like I provided the best base for their little lives. What I picture when looking back includes breastfeeding, getting mommy’s perfect milk.

Do I think that everyone needs to nurse?? NOPE! I do think it would be great for them to get the colostrum early on if possible but I don’t think that babies are only loved, well cared for or whatever if they are breastfed!

I think, like with most things in life, we create these expectations on our-self. Pressure to be thin, have this kind of hair, dress that way, eat this food etc. No one is forcing us to do those things but we feel that we are failing if we don’t do that. Media has a bit to do with it but really, its our own mind.

So, stop blaming others for choices you made and may regret. Stop taking offense to things that aren’t meant to be offensive. Make informed decisions and be happy with what you chose, don’t let anyone hate on your parade.

You love your baby and how you feed them, breastmilk or formula, has nothing to do with that!

You are a great mom, don’t let yourself put pressure on yourself!!!